Billing FAQ for the Service Panel

Please note that this FAQ only applies to Service Panel customers that log in via If you use the Control Panel and log in via please see this article.

Once a month, Hypernode sends an invoice to customers who placed an order in the previous month or whose domain names / plans renew in the following month. The invoices are sent digitally to the Contracting party on the first of the month. You can easily find all invoices that have been sent in the Service Panel.

Invoice specifications explained

  • **Invoice number (upper right corner):**please mention this in the description of the payment. Without a correct invoice number in the description, the payment is not automatically linked to the invoice.

  • **Contact details (upper right corner, underneath the invoice number):**the invoice is based on the details of the Contracting party as listed in the Service Panel.

  • **Invoice date:**the date on which the invoice was made and sent. Changes that take place after the invoice has been drawn up do not affect this invoice. Hypernode has a notice period of 30 days. A cancellation must be communicated at least 30 days before the extension of the contract. If we receive the cancellation after the cancellation period, the package has already been extended and you will receive an invoice.

  • **Amount without VAT:**you can find the amount without VAT here.

  • **VAT:**the total amount of VAT.

  • **Invoice amount (including VAT):**the total amount including VAT.

  • **Email address:**the email address to which we sent the invoice.

  • **Account number:**you can find your account number here.

  • **Specs:**listed here are all domains including plans and contract terms that are being invoiced.

Can I Receive an Invoice Without VAT?

Our (business) customers with an address outside the Netherlands, but within the EU, can receive invoices with a so-called 0% VAT percentage. In other words, the VAT is shifted and will have to be paid in your own country. To be able to process this construction administratively correctly, Hypernode needs the VAT number.

Please send this number to our support department and VAT will be shifted on all subsequent invoices. Unfortunately, we cannot apply this to invoices already paid.

Please note: unfortunately, Hypernode cannot send invoices to private persons outside the Netherlands and within the EU. More about this is explained below.

I Am a Private Person Outside the Netherlands and Within the EU, What Does That Mean for Me?

Since January 1st, 2015, VAT legislation for individuals in the European Union (EU) has changed. The changed VAT requirements are such that Hypernode cannot currently meet them. This means that you as a private person outside the Netherlands and within the EU cannot have the role of Contracting Party. You can have the role of Registrant and Technical Party to your name.

In short, the changes in legislation make the invoicing, administration and filing of VAT returns for private customers living in other EU countries very complicated and time-consuming for Hypernode. Most drastic change is that from 2015 the place of tax will become the country where the customer lives. This means that the tax rate of the country concerned must be invoiced. This differs per country and the rates vary enormously. In addition, we also have to deal with the tax authorities of various countries. Unfortunately, Hypernode is currently unable to meet the requirements: we are not equipped to do this and the costs are considerable.

The rules apply to individuals, not to companies. If possible, we therefore advise you to use your company name and company details or if you have a Dutch address, use them.

How Can I Edit My Account Details?

For more information about editing your account details please see this article.

What Do I Pay Extra Costs For?

At Hypernode you pay for a hosting plan, domain registration and any add-ons (such as SSL). For more information, see the product pages for Hypernode hosting and / or Add-ons

In some cases, however, an administrative fee may be charged, such as:

  • Change of ascription / transfer of owner (change in the Whois).

  • Extra administrative actions outside support.

  • Usage of emergency support outside of office hours.

How Can I Pay?

Your invoice can be paid using iDEAL via a link on the invoice page in the Service Panel, the payment will be processed immediately.

Of course you can also pay by bank transfer. Our bank details can be found on our contact page and on our invoices.

I Accidentally Paid the Same Invoice Twice

If you accidentally paid an invoice twice and the double payment has not yet been refunded by us, please send us an email with the dates of both payments. You can email this to The overpaid amount will then be refunded to your account within 20 working days.

Can I Use a Different Email Address to Receive Invoices?

For sure! You can change the invoice email address here

All other messages and notifications will still be sent to the main email address.

Can I Receive Invoices by Post?

By default, invoices are sent via email. If you’d still like a physical copy to be sent to you by post, you can say so on this page.

You will then receive the invoices via email and post. We charge you €2,50 per sent invoice.

The Invoice Was Paid Already but I Still Received a Reminder

If an invoice has been paid, but a reminder is still sent, please send an email to our support department. Your payment may not have been processed or may have been used for another outstanding invoice on your customer account.

The Plan Was Cancelled but I Still Received an Invoice

At Hypernode, a plan can be canceled every month. Hypernode does use a notice period of 30 days prior to the automatic extension of the contract period. You have received an invoice because the plan was canceled after the notice period had expired. The contract is therefore automatically renewed. The 30 day notice period is clearly stated in our terms and conditions and the cancellation procedures. This invoice must be paid. Unfortunately, Hypernode cannot make exceptions to this rule.

Wet van Dam

The Wet van Dam only applies to private individuals, customers who have entered a company name can not rely on this. Individuals who wish to invoke this law can email our Finance department.

Credit Invoices?

In general, Hypernode does not credit invoices.

An exception is made if a name change is made via while an invoice is still open. The outstanding invoice will be credited as a result of the name change. A credit invoice is then created and a new invoice is drawn up with the new name. All (credit) invoices can be found in the Service Panel.

I Had to Pay 2 Twice for a Plan in a Short Period of Time

Hypernode has a large number of customers and to make everything as clear and convenient as possible, the financial flow has been set up in a certain way. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to invoice different costs for the same plan / domain name separately with a different term, which is why all costs for a specific domain name are linked. For this reason, it is possible that a certain package will appear on an invoice several times within a short period of time.

There are 3 situations which could cause a plan to be listed on the invoice several times:

  • Site Only. A plan has been requested Site Only (domain registration is elsewhere and the hosting is provided by Hypernode) and the owner of the domain name has decided to transfer the domain name and to initiate the transfer. The old contract will then be terminated and a new contract will start, because the registration of certain domain extensions will entail additional costs.

  • Plan change. The plan has recently been upgraded or downgraded. The old contract will then be terminated and a new contract will start, because a change in the plan often means a price change.

  • **Change in Contracting party.**When the role of Contracting party is changed, the old contract is terminated. A new contract starts for the new Contracting party.

Is It Possible to Change the Contract Term?

Hypernode offers different plans and these plans have certain contract terms:

  • 1 month: Hypernode hosting

  • 1 year: Presence plan

Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust these contract terms. Additional additions (such as SSL) will be invoiced for the term of the hosting plan’s contract.

I Want to Pay My Invoice in Instalments

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay an invoice in instalments. Hypernode has a payment term of 30 days. The entire invoice will have to be paid within this period. If there is a very special reason why an invoice cannot be paid within 30 days, please send an email to our finance department ( with the reason and a proposal for payment.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Invoice?

We have a payment term of 30 days. After the expiry of the payment term, 3 reminders will be sent. If Hypernode has not yet received payment 2 weeks after sending the final reminder, we temporarily discontinue our services. Then we send the invoice as a claim to the collection agency. When an invoice is with the collection agency, we can no longer discuss this invoice and the payment with you. If you have any questions, you can contact the collection agency.

Are You a Hypernode Partner?

If an invoice for a partner is with the collection agency, Hypernode has the right to dissolve the partner agreement, with the associated benefits, and to transfer the active hosting contracts to the Registrant. We will charge any costs that we have to incur for transferring these contracts (also in man-hours at 150 euros per hour) to the relevant partner.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable or unwilling to pay an invoice, please always contact us at: Then we can find a solution together.

I Am Bankrupt, What Now?

A court can declare bankruptcy of a legal person or a natural person. The court appoints a bankruptcy trustee (this is usually a lawyer). If this has not yet happened, there is no bankruptcy (yet). If a curator has been appointed, he is officially authorised. The bankrupt party (owner) may no longer decide on matters, make agreements and / or take actions. In the event of bankruptcy, we are therefore not allowed to make agreements or pass on information to persons other than the curator. In the event of bankruptcy, the curator will always have to notify us in writing.

I’m Unable to Place a New Order

When the credit limit has been reached or you have had a second reminder of an outstanding invoice, no new orders can be placed. The outstanding invoice will first have to be paid. All invoices can be found via the Service Panel. Here an invoice can also be paid directly via iDeal. If there are no outstanding invoices, but if the new order exceeds the credit limit, please send us an email. We will then look at the possibility of possibly raising this limit.