Conflict Between Merchant and Webdesigner

**Please note that this only applies to Service Panel users who log in via**It may happen that a conflict arises between a Registrant (domain name holder) and the web designer / developer (Contractor and / or Technical administrator). These conflicts usually concern invoices. Hypernode can’t mediate in these kinds of situations, but will always aim to prevent this from happening.

When a conflict arises between a domain name holder and a developer, there are two types of situations concerning the account roles:

  1. The merchant is the Registrant, the developer/partner is the Contractant and Technisch Beheerder.

  2. The merchant is the Registrant and the Contractant, the developer/partner is the Technisch Beheerder.

Different Customer Roles

When multiple parties are involved in the division of roles of a domain name / package, it can happen that multiple accounts have different roles. This is due to legal considerations, but also because you want to give a technical party access to your site if you are not that technical yourself.

Please see this article for more information about the different roles in the Service Panel.

Different Roles in a Conflict

Case 1 - The merchant is the Registrant, the developer/partner is the Contractant and Technisch Beheerder.

The partner pays Hypernode’s invoices for the services provided, e.g. hosting space. This means that in this case Hypernode has an agreement with the partner and not with the Registrant/merchant. If a Registrant does not pay the invoice of their developer, the developer can disable the site. After all, the Contracting Party is the owner of the hosting contract and therefore is able to disable the plan. Case 2 - The merchant is Registrant and Contractant, the developer/partner is Technisch Beheerder.

If the merchant is Registrant and Contractant, but neglects to pay their developer, this is unfortunately beyond our control. This concerns an agreement between the merchant and the web developer. The developer in this case can consider sending the outstanding invoices to a collection agency.

We cannot disable a merchants website in this case, as Hypernode has their own agreement with the merchant: the hosting agreement.

Even though Hypernode cannot mediate in these types of situations, we can always give you advice on how to handle a conflict like this. Please shoot us a message on

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has Acces to Backups?

The Contractant and Technisch Beheerder have acces to the backups, the Registrant does not.

Who Is the Owner of the Website?

The owner of the contract (Contractant) is the owner of the website.