Different Service Panel Scenarios

Please note that this only applies to Service Panel users who log in via service.byte.nl.

The Service Panel works with a central login, which enables users to easily manage multiple plans. There are three different roles which you can assign to different accounts. This way you can give your developer technical access to your plan, without them having access to stuff like invoices and billing.

The three different roles are as follows:

  • Registrant (Owner, holder): the legal owner of the domain.

  • Contractant (Financial contact): the person who pays for the plan at Hypernode and therefore the person who receives the invoices.

  • Technisch Beheerder (Technical party): the person who has access to all technical settings in the Service Panel.

To give you an idea of the different roles, a number of scenarios of our customers are described below.

Business Accounts or Private Persons

You Manage Everything Yourself

A lot of companies and users manage their domain names or hosting themselves. The domain name is in their own name and they receive the invoice. Private individuals also do this, but if you have little technical knowledge, it is best to assign a Technical Party.

When you manage everything yourself, the roles look like this:

  • Registrant = Account x

  • Contractant = Account x

  • Technisch Beheerder = Account x

All roles are assigned to one account, which has access to all settings.

You Have a Developer

If you have a developer that requires access to all technical settings, the roles look like this:

  • Registrant = Account x

  • Contractant = Account x

  • Technisch Beheerder = Developer

If your developer does not have an account yet, you can create this here.

Web Designers or Developers

The Developer Only Needs Access to the Technical Settings

The web designer designs a website and requests the domain name and hosting from Hypernode for his customer. The customer needs to receive the invoice directly, the developer only needs technical access. The roles look like this:

  • Registrant = Customer x

  • Contractant = Customer x

  • Technisch Beheerder = Developer

The Developer Also Takes Care of Billing

The developer designs a website and orders a domain and plan. The developer stays the main point of contact and takes care of the billing. The roles look like this if the end customer needs to be the legal holder of the domain:

  • Registrant = Customer x

  • Contractant = Developer

  • Technisch Beheerder = Developer

Please note that this does not apply to Hypernode plans, as the Registrant role has no legal meaning for that plan.


Registering Domains for Your Customer

If you, as an agency, need to register domain names for your customer, we recommend you to set the customer’s account as the Registrant. This way they are the legal holder of the domain.

Creating an Account for Your Customer

If you want to take care of everything for the registrant of a domain name, you can choose to receive the email with account information yourself instead of having it sent to your customer. You do this as follows:

Create a customer account for your customer who will fulfil the role of Registrant (legal owner of the domain name). Under the heading “Partner options” you then indicate that the email with account information will not be sent to your customer but to your own email address. This is the email address that is registered in Hypernode’s administration under your customer number.

Do You Offer White Label Hosting?

No, we don’t.