How to Change your Customer Details and Other Questions

**Please note that this only applies to Service Panel users who log in via Please see this category for articles that apply to the Control Panel.**For security reasons, you can only make administrative changes to your account when logged into the Service Panel. In this article we explain how you can edit your customer data.

Why Do I Need to Log Into the Service Panel?

To prevent identity theft and fraud, we will only process certain changes if the customer is identified / authorised. Logging into the Service Panel with a customer number and password is a form of authorization. We do not make any changes in response to an email or phone call, because these cannot be verified.

Editing Your Customer Data

You can find your customer data in your Service Panel by going to Mijn gegevens at the top right under your customer number.

Unable to log in? Please click ‘wachtwoord’ on the login page to reset your password.

Changing Your Password

The first option you will see in your Service Panel under Mijn gegevens is to change your customer account password. Your password provides access to your customer account and, in the case of a hosting plan, also SSH access if you are a Technical Administrator.

Changing the Ascription of Your Account

The ascription can be the name of a company, but also the name of a private person.

When you change the name, the legal owner of your domain names is also changed. Hypernode is therefore also obliged to pass on the change to the Domain Name Register.

Some extensions are charged when the Registrant of a domain name is changed. An overview of those costs can be found on the page with all available extensions. Below you will find a step-by-step plan on how to change your ascription:

  • Log in to the Service Panel.

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner.

  • Select Mijn gegevens from the menu.

  • Click on Wijzigen under Tenaamstelling.

  • Pick one of these four options:

    • **Wijzig tenaamstelling:**select this if you want to edit the company name.

    • **Overname van uw bedrijf:**select this in case of the acquisition of your company by another company.

    • **Omzetten zakelijk < – > particulier:**select this if the account was initially created by a private person, but needs to be a company account.

    • **Overdragen domein(en):**select this if you want all plans moved from one account to another.

  • Follow the instructions.

  • Tick the “Ik begrijp/verklaar” boxes.

  • Enter your password for verification.

  • Klik the akkoordbutton.

Changing Your Contact Details

If you want to change your address, phone number and contact (in case your a company), follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Service Panel.

  • Click on your account name in the upper right corner.

  • Select Mijn gegevens from the menu.

  • Scroll down to Contactgegevens and click on Wijzigen.

  • Enter the correct information.

  • Click Opslaan.

Changing Your Email Address

This change concerns a legal change to the contract and the registrations with Hypernode. The customer email address provides access to the customer account and often also to the domain names. Hypernode is therefore very strict and precise with this change.

With your login details you can change your email address via the Service Panel. After you logged in, an overview of your plans will appear. At the top right of the screen you can click on your customer account, which will bring up a number of options. To change your email address, choose Mijn gegevens. At the bottom you see the Contactgegevens block, click on wijzigen.

Changing Your Plan

Changes to your plan and the different customer relationships / roles for managing a plan can only be done via the Service Panel.

Up- and Downgrading

Please see this articlefor more information on how to up- or downgrade your plan.

Changing the Account Roles

There are three different roles for plans registered via (please note that this does only apply to the Service Panel, not the Control Panel):

  1. Registrant (the owner of the domain)

  2. Contractant (the account paying the invoices)

  3. Technisch Beheerder (the account in control of all technical settings)

Changes to these roles for your plan can only be made through the Service Panel. Due to security reasons, we can’t change these roles for you in response to an email or phone call. Please see below for a guide on how to change this yourself.

Changing the Contractant and/or Registrant

  • After logging in to the Service Panel, you’ll see an overview of your plans. Click on the concerned domain name or Hypernode and then click Contractant/Registrant wijzigen.

  • At step 1 “Ik wil een rol overdragen aan klant”, fill in the account number of the new Contractant or Registrant. If the new Contractant/Registrant does not have a customer account yet, you can create one for them via this page.

  • At step 2 select the roles you want transferred. At step 3 tick the box at Verificatie. Then click Wijzigen starten.

  • The new Contractant and/or Registrant will receive an email to confirm the transfer. This change will only be made after they confirm this.

Please note: did you cancel your plan? When changing the Contractant, this will be undone and a new contract term will start. Was this a free plan? This will be changed to a paid plan after the transfer.

Changing the Technisch Beheerder

  • After logging in to the Service Panel, you’ll see an overview of your plans. Click on the concerned domain name or Hypernode and then click Technisch Beheerder wijzigen.

  • Fill in the account number of the new Technisch Beheerder at Beheerder nummer of domein.

    • If the new Technisch Beheerder does not have a customer account yet, this needs to be set up first.

    • If you’r the Contractant, you can revoke this role. The Technisch Beheerder can only give the role back to the Contractant.

  • Select if you want this Technisch Beheerder for all your plans or just this one. Then click Geef rechten.