Hypernode Pricing & Plans

At Hypernode we offer two managed hosting solutions. You can choose between Managed Cloud Hosting and our Managed Dedicated Hosting.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a large group of physical servers tied together by a virtual layer. This makes this solution very stable, scaling up and down more efficiently, which can be a significant advantage for webshops. You get your dedicated IP address, resources, and limited ability to manage the server. On top of the cloud server, the Hypernode software layer is wholly focused on making your shop as fast, secure, and manageable as possible. This way, you can focus on your webshop, and we focus on your hosting solution.

Essential benefits of cloud hosting

  • Scalability

  • Paying for what you use model

  • Fast recovery by hardware failure

  • Lighting fast upgrades & downgrades

  • Bootable from anywhere in the world

  • Permanently the fastest server at your disposal

  • Four incremental snapshots per day.


Hypernode Cloud Hosting Plans start at € 139,- a month. The pricing is based on your needed resources and your chosen cloud provider. At Hypernode, we offer three different providers for your cloud hosting: Combell OpenStack (Falcon Plans), DigitalOcean (Pelican Plans), and Amazon Web Services (Eagle Plans).

An overview of our Cloud hosting plans can be found here.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are stand-alone servers that do not have a virtual layer on top of them. Dedicated servers can be connected within a Private LAN network, creating a cluster. This is especially interesting for customers with high volumes.

Essential benefits of dedicated hosting

  • Usually more resources

  • Comparatively much cheaper

  • Powerful bare metal servers

  • Complete control over your server environment


Hypernode Dedicated Hosting plans are named Jackal and start at € 499,- a month. The pricing is based on the resources you need. Dedicated servers are always booted with Hetzner.

An overview of our Dedicated hosting plans can be found here.

*:Hypernode will implement a price change as of January 1, 2023. View the price list for 2023 here (PDF).