Enable alternative PHP versions

Alternative PHP versions are disabled by default. Please contact our support department if you want to make use of this feature. We will enable it for your Hypernode and you can start using it using the CLI.

How to use alternative PHP versions

Please make sure the alternative PHP version feature is enabled for your Hypernode as described above. You can list, enable and disable the alternative PHP versions on your Hypernode using the hypernode-systemctl command.

List alternative PHP versions

To list the enabled alternative PHP versions, you can use the following command:

hypernode-systemctl alternative_php_versions list

The output will tell you the enabled PHP versions, please note that this does not contain your main system PHP version.

Currently enabled PHP versions are ['8.3', '7.1', '8.0'].

Enable alternative PHP version

To enable an alternative PHP version on your Hypernode, you can make use of the enable command:

hypernode-systemctl alternative_php_versions enable 8.2

The specified PHP version will be enabled and may take some time to complete. You can follow the progress by using livelog:

ACTION                          START                   END                     STATE           TASKS   RUNNING
update_node                     2024-06-03T10:21:28Z    2024-06-03T10:21:32Z    running         7/9     php_update_node_to_update_flow

Disable alternative PHP version

If you dont use a specific alternative PHP version anymore you may want to disable the alternative PHP version:

hypernode-systemctl alternative_php_versions disable 8.2

Configure vhost to adapt alternative php version

Once you have the desired alternative PHP versions enabled, you can associate them with the desired Vhost. You can do this by using Hypernode managed vhosts (hmv).

You can specify an alternative PHP handler for the desired vhost:

hmv <my_vhost> --handler phpfpm83alt

You can list the available PHP handlers on your Hypernode:

hmv <my_vhost> --help

You see as example

--handler {phpfpm,phpfpm83alt,phpfpm71alt,phpfpm80alt}

Please note that you can only specify the handlers for the enabled alternative PHP versions.