Hypernode Magerun Addons

Some additional commands for the excellent N98-magerun Magento command-line tool.


Build Status


Build Status


There are a few options. You can check out the different options in the Magerun docs.

Here’s the easiest:

  1. Create ~/.n98-magerun/modules/ if it doesn’t already exist.

     mkdir -p ~/.n98-magerun/modules/
     mkdir -p ~/.n98-magerun2/modules/
  2. Clone the hypernode-magerun repository in there

     git clone https://github.com/Hypernode/hypernode-magerun.git ~/.n98-magerun/modules/hypernode-magerun
  3. Link the repository for n98-magerun2

     ln -s ~/.n98-magerun/modules/hypernode-magerun ~/.n98-magerun2/modules/hypernode-magerun
  4. It should be installed. To see that it was installed, run magerun without any arguments to see if one of the new commands is in there.



Get a (system).log analyses of the most frequent lines

n98-magerun hypernode:log-analyses

Quickly reference the most common lines in the log file ordered by frequency.

Generate a boilerplate for Nginx http.magerunmaps

n98-magerun hypernode:maps-generate

Outputs or saves a http.magerunmaps boilerplate containing your store setup for Nginx. Refer to the Hypernode Nginx documentation.

Varnish config

n98-magerun hypernode:varnish:config-save

Fetches the VCL configuration from turpentine and applies it. Make sure turpentine is installed and configured correctly.

Flush all URL’s in Varnish cache

n98-magerun hypernode:varnish:flush

Flush all URL’s that were cached by varnish.

Performance reporting

n98-magerun hypernode:performance

By default this command loads Magento’s sitemap collection from which you can choose what sitemaps you want to crawl. If the store URL does not match the URL’s in the sitemap you will be prompted several options (compare, replace, continue). For instance the old and new URL can be compared in a performance report. Additionally a sitemap can be loaded by specifying a path or URL.

Checking for weak admin credentials

n98-magerun hypernode:crack:admin-passwords -r best64 vendors

Check your site for weak admin credentials by attempting to brute force the password with popular password / variations.

Checking for weak admin credentials

n98-magerun hypernode:crack:api-keys -r best64 vendors

This command words exactly the same as the hypernode:crack:admin-passwords except it attempts to crack the api_key of SOAP / XML-RPC users. All arguments are the same, check the commands --help for details.


For development/testing (build package of your feature branch):

gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder --git-dist=precise --git-arch=amd64

Building a .deb for release:


Then if everything is alright, upload the new version to your repository with something like dput

n98-magerun2 compatibility

Currently, only the command hypernode:perfomance is partially compatible with n98-magerun2.

Please contribute to make more commands available for n98-magerun2!

Credits due where credits due

Thanks to Netz98 for creating the awesome Swiss army knife for Magento, magerun.