User Roles and Permissions on Hypernode’s Control Panel

For security and usability, the Hypernode Control Panel’s features are available to users based on the role assigned to the individual user. Each user invited to a team is assigned a role within the team.

The Different Control Panel Roles

A user can have different roles between teams. Each role is defined by a set of permissions. The permissions, based on the specific role, apply to all Hypernodes in a team. This also includes the SSL certificates that have been linked to the Hypernodes in the team.

  • Owner: Can access and use every feature. This is the most powerful role and cannot be assigned. The Owner is the only one who can transfer the ownership of the Hypernode you can read more about this here. The user creating the Team is automatically the Owner. The Owner is the person in charge of billing.

  • Admin: Can use all features and change Hypernode plans. They can invite other team members and set or change roles of team members.

  • Developer: Can manage all technical features on a Hypernode level.

  • Merchant: Can access the Control Panel on a view-only basis.







See the team

See the Hypernodes in the team

See the logs

See the SSH keys that have been added

See the linked SSL certificate

See the allowlist

Manage the allowlist

Manage SSL certificates

Add SSH keys

Request to restore backups

Attach backups

Create backups

Enable Varnish

Change the PHP version

Manage monitoring

Manage bots

Add or remove team members

Change roles within the team

Rename the team

Remove Hypernodes from the team

Change plan

Add Hypernodes to the team

Delete the team

Transfer Hypernode ownership

Change payment details

View invoices

How to Assign Roles

Initially, the Owner is the only user that can assign roles to other team members. After assigning a user the Admin role, they will also be able to assign roles. Use the following steps to assign roles:

  1. Log in to the Hypernode Control Panel.

  2. If your Hypernode is not in a Team yet, create a Team first. Here’s how to do this.

  3. Click on Teams in the sidebar on the left and then select the applicable team.

  4. Click Invite new memberand follow the steps.

Please note: when inviting a new member to the team, you are required to assign them a role.

How to Change Roles Within an Existing Team

  1. Log in to the Hypernode Control Panel.

  2. Click on Teams in the sidebar on the left and then select the applicable team.

  3. Hover over Teams in the sidebar and click Roles.

  4. Change the roles per member here.