What Kind of Emails Does Hypernode Send

Hypernode sends out different types of emails. Some of them we send to our customers only (ServiceMail), others contain product related information (ProductMail) or include interesting information about our Hypernode platform and fun facts about our company (NewsMail).


We only send ServiceMails to our active customers. ServiceMails contain information about the specific products and services we deliver to you. You cannot unsubscribe from these emails because missing this important information may be harmful to you or the products you have. It is necessary for us to inform you well in order to serve you well. ServiceMails are – for example – an order confirmation, information about your customer account, a maintenance heads-up or information on the status of your shop or Hypernode.


We continuously improve our Hypernode platform and services. Information about releases and changes can be found in our support documentation and Changelog. In our ProductMail we present you the most interesting Hypernode releases in one email. On average you receive 1 ProductMail per month.

We highly recommend you to subscribe to our ProductMail and never miss an update on Hypernode. Of course each ProductMail shows the option to unsubscribe.


Once a month we send subscribers a NewsMail. Our NewsMail is an interesting mix of blog articles, news about Magento, Shopware, Akeneo and fun facts about our company. In our NewsMail you can read about the latest developments. We also often provide handy tips, information about patches and warnings for security issues.

The NewsMail also keeps you informed of what is happening behind the scenes of our company. If you no longer wish to receive our NewsMail, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Manage your email preferences in the Control Panel

All emails (except the Service Mail) have a unsubscribe option at the bottom of the emails. However you are also able to manage you email preferences in the Control Panel in your Account Settings page. Here you can see to what emails you are subscribed and if you want to unsubscibe. If you want to change the settings, please click ‘Manage email preferences’. In order for you to change your e-mail preferences, we need to send you an e-mail with a link to our Hubspot E-mail Preferences page.

Privacy Policy

We take all necessary measures to keep your data private. Not because we are legally bound to do so, but because we care. We use your email address and other personal information solely to maintain our customer relationship with you. Your personal details will never be lent, rented or sold by Hypernode to third parties, nor made public in any other way, unless the law prescribes this. You can read our complete Privacy Policy on our website.