How To Use Teams

With teams you can invite other users to manage your Hypernode and it gives you much finer-grained control over who has access to your Hypernode. In this documentation we describe how you can manage your teams.

We’ve distinguished three scenarios: inviting a developer, a merchant or an agency. If a team member (not the owner) extends an invitation, the owner will also be notified.

Creating a Team

To create a new team:

  1. Log into the Control Panel.

  2. From sidebar on the left, click Teams.

  3. Click Create a new Team.

  4. Give the team a name.

  5. Optional: select one or more available Hypernodes that should be handled by your new team. You can also add Hypernodes to your team afterwards.

  6. Click Create team.

You will now see the team detail page from which you can invite new members and change the team name. By clicking on Hypernodes on the left you can see which Hypernodes are in this team.

Deleting a Team

Please note you can only delete a team if you’re the creator of the team.

  1. From sidebar on the left, click Teams.

  2. Click on the trash can behind the team you want to delete.

  3. Confirm the deletion on the next page.

Adding Hypernodes to a Team

There are two ways to add a Hypernode to a team:

  1. Upon creation of a team, select one or more Hypernodes to be added to the team.

  2. Add a Hypernode to an existing team by hoovering over Teamsin the sidebar and then selecting Hypernodes. From the dropdown in the bar at the top of the page, select the correct team and then click the Add/remove from teambutton to add Hypernodes.

Manage Users in a Team

There are three different roles you can assign to members to members of your team. Each role is defined by a set of permissions. The permissions, based on the specific role, apply to all Hypernodes in a team. This also includes the SSL certificates that have been linked to the Hypernodes in the team. For detailed information on what those roles are and which permissions they have, please click here.

Inviting a Member

To add a new developer:

  1. Log into the Hypernode Control Panel.

  2. From the sidebar on the left, click Teams.

  3. Click Details to edit a specific team.

  4. Click Invite new member.

  5. Fill in their email, select the desired role and add a personal message and click Send invitation.

An invitation will be sent to the invitee’s email address. Once they have accepted the invitation, the owner and inviting member will be notified of this via email. Please note that the new member has access to all settings, except for the up or downgrading of a plan.

Revoking Access

  1. Log into the Hypernode Control Panel.

  2. From the sidebar on the left, click Teams.

  3. Click Details to edit a specific team.

  4. Delete a member by clicking the trash can. Confirm the removal.

Once you remove someone from a team, you can always use Invite new member to add them back to the team later on. A notification will be sent to the owner if another team member revoked access for another team member.