How to copy your Hypernode to another Hypernode

If you wish to make a copy of your Hypernode to another Hypernode, whether it’s a development node or not, here’s how you do it:

1. Buy a new Hypernode via your Control Panel

2. SSH Access

To receive SSH access from to make a SSH keypair on and place this public key in the authorized_keys on

You can make an SSH keypair like this:


Press “Enter” several times and you have your keypair. Copy your public key from and place they key in /data/web/.ssh/authorized_keys.

3. Import

Login Now you’re able to run the hypernode-importer with only one command:

hypernode-importer --user app --host --path /data/web/magento2  # (please check the right path to the Magento 2 folder)

4. Base-URLS

One last step is to change the Base-URLS into the right URL for example: You’re able to request Let’s Encrypt for this vhost:

hypernode-manage-vhosts --https --force-https

Please do remember that Let’s Encrypt is a free service and it’s possible that it isn’t working correct 100%. We do offer single, EV or Wildcard SSL certificates as well, maybe it isn’t necessary for a development plan but keep it in mind for your production Hypernode with your live webshop.


These are the only steps you need to do to make a copy of one Hypernode to another Hypernode. If you want us to do this, that’s possible and no problem at all. The cost will be 125 euro per Hypernode.