How to Remove Your Magento 2.x Installation

The following snippets can be used to remove your Magento 2.x installation(s).

This is irreversible so make sure you know what you are doing!

Remove a Magento 2.x Installation Using Magerun

For Magento 2 there is not a magerun plugin available to uninstall the files yet. We can therefore remove the installation by hand.

Production Environment

cd ~/magento2 && n98-magerun2 db:drop
cd ~ && rm -rf /data/web/{magento2,public} && mkdir /data/web/public

Staging Environment

cd ~/magento2_staging && n98-magerun db:drop
cd ~ && rm -rf /data/web/{magento2_staging,staging} && mkdir /data/web/staging

Manually Remove a Magento 2.x Installation

To manually remove all databases and files of both the staging and production, use the following snippet:

mysql -Be 'show databases' | sed 1d |\
 grep -vE '^information_schema$|^performance_schema$|^mysql$|^test$' | while read DATABASE

Then remove all Magento files, use the following command:

cd /data/web
rm -rf /data/web/{public,staging,magento2,magento2_staging}
mkdir /data/web/{public,staging}

Keep in mind*:* After removing your Magento content and database, sometimes you need to remove or adjust your Nginx configuration in /data/web/nginx too, in order to start with a clean slate.