Install and Configure Hypernode Deploy

The first step is to create and configure a deploy.php file which can be used by Hypernode Deploy to determine what tasks need to be executed to prepare the application for deployment and of course to what stages/servers the application needs to be deployed to.

Install the Hypernode Deploy configuration package


It is not a required package for Hypernode Deploy to work, so feel free to skip this part.

For code completion in your IDE, we recommend installing the hypernode/deploy-configuration package as a dev dependency.

$ composer require --dev hypernode/deploy-configuration

Create the deploy.php file

Now the deploy.php application can be configured. In the following example we configure a Magento 2 application to be deployed with the en_US locale to the production stage labelled, which has one server, namely


namespace Hypernode\DeployConfiguration;

$configuration = new ApplicationTemplate\Magento2(['en_US']);

$productionStage = $configuration->addStage('production', '');

return $configuration;

In the next step we’re going to configure a CI/CD pipeline to let Hypernode Deploy execute the deploy.php configuration.