Everything About Presence Plans and Domains

Please note that this only applies to Service Panel users who log in via service.byte.nl. We don’t offer domain registration for our international customers at the moment.

If you want to register a domain name with Hypernode, you can do this using our Presence plan. A Presence plan does not come with hosting space, but it does offer the possibility to create email aliases (addresses) and easily set up a forward address. Do you have multiple domain names that you want to register? Then you also need multiple Presence plans. This article explains what you can do with your Presence plan.

Why Do I Need a Presence Plan?

With a Presence plan you can register a domain name with us. A Presence plan is required for every separate domain name that you want to register. In short, it’s a plan to register domain names and link multiple domain names to your website.


In addition to registering a domain name with a Presence plan, you can also use it as a forwarding option. In other words, when people visit yourdomain.com, you can automatically forward them to another domain / website. A Presence plan can also be used as a “virtual host”. Suppose you have registered a domain externally but want to order an SSL certificate from Hypernode. You need a Presence plan for this, as your domain needs to  be in the Hypernode administration. You do not necessarily have to transfer the domain to Hypernode to purchase an SSL certificate.

We offer two different Presence plans:

  • Presence - 1 year In addition to the features listed above, you can create 100 email aliases that you forward to existing email addresses. You cannot create email boxes with a Presence plan, because you do not have email storage. The contract term for this plan is 1 year.

  • Presence Plus The Presence Plus plan has all the features of a Presence 1 year plan, plus email storage. In addition to the option to create 2000 email aliases, you also have access to 100 mailboxes. This plan is very suitable for our Hypernode customers who, in addition to webshop hosting, also want to purchase domain registration and / or email hosting from Hypernode. The contract term of this package is 1 year.

Forward Options

A Presence plan offers three different forward options:

  • Frames

  • Forwarder (redirect)

  • Server Alias


With a frame you ensure, just like with a Server Alias, that the address (url) remains in the address bar. A frame of 100% is placed in the page, where the website you are referring to will be placed. This method can cause problems with Javascripts on the target page (javascript errors).

Forward (redirect)

If you are using a forwarder (also called Location or 301 redirect), the address of the target domain will appear in the address bar of the browser. For example, when a visitor types www.forwarder.nl in the address bar, www.goalpage.nl will appear in the address bar. The visitor thus sees that he is being forwarded. However, the target page does not have to be hosted by Hypernode.

Server Alias

With a Server Alias you make sure that the address (url) remains in the address bar. For example, it is possible to forward a visitor from apple.nl to the website under strawberry.nl, but the visitor will see apple.nl in their address bar. Behind the scenes, the strawberry.nl site is displayed. This method only works if both domain names are hosted at Hypernode.

Set a Forward

To use one of the three referral options mentioned above, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Service Panel. Forgot Password? Create a new password.

  2. Click on the desired domain name.

  3. Click the Instellingen tab.

  4. Click on Presence.

  5. At WEB address enter the location to which the Presence plan should refer.

  6. Check Frames, Forwarder (redirect) or Server Alias.

  7. Click on Save.

Changing the Name Servers

Do you want to change the name servers of your domain? Please shoot us an email and we can make this change for you.