How to Restore Your Hypernode From the External Backup


It’s often much faster to restore your Hypernode from a snapshot. If you are using a Hypernode Falcon or Eagle product, we highly recommend you use Snapshot Backups instead.

Some hands-on experience is required! If you have never used the command line, please contact one of our partners to get some assistance.

Your Hypernode is backed up daily to an external server. This page explains how you can use that backup to restore specific files or database content.

Accessing Backups

Please contact our support department if you want to access an external backup. We will prepare the data onto the server so you can restore the data yourself. Be sure to indicate if you need a backup of a file, database or both, and from before what date and time you require the backup to be.

Restore from a Prepared Backup

Restore from a Prepared Database Backup

When we prepare a database backup, you’ll find a database dump compressed with gzip.

The name of this backup has the format database_name_date_timezone.sql.gz

To restore this backup you can use either magerun or use the MySQL client utility:

Using magerun:

First unzip the back-up file:

gunzip database_name_01-01-2018.sql.gz

For Magento 1:

magerun db:import --root-dir=~/public database_name_01-01-2018.sql

For Magento 2:

magerun2 db:import --root-dir=~/magento2 database_name_01-01-2018.sql

Using MySQL client:

zcat database_name_01-01-2018.sql.gz | mysql database_name

And then wait until the database is fully imported.

This might take a while for large databases, so get yourself some coffee in the meantime.

Restore from a Prepared File Backup

When you request a file backup, we create a directory in your homedir in which we restore from a certain point in time.

To restore this backup, remove the old file or directory and copy the file(s) and/or directories in place in your /data/web/public directory.

IE: if you need to restore the var directory, use the command:

rm -rvf /data/web/public/var/ && mv restore/var /data/web/public/

If you need some visual assistance, you can use mc (midnight commander).