Hypernode and team.blue

From 2019 onwards Hypernode is part of team.blue, a leading digital enabler for companies and entrepreneurs.

In 2016 Hypernode became part of the Combell Group. Operations rapidly expanded through various new brands and acquisitions throughout the years.

The vision of the group has always been to grow the business by acquiring and integrating similar companies with matching ideology and sense for quality, while also investing in strong organic growth. The latter is achieved by offering access to cutting-edge products and services on our ever-expanding platform, and also with a strong focus on customer and employee satisfaction.

Thanks to a continuous strong organic growth and additional acquisitions, Combell Group has become a market leader in hosting services in the Benelux and The Nordics. We’re now the 3rd biggest cloud hosting company in Europe, and a leading mass webhoster in Northwest Europe.

In 2019 Combell Group (“Combell”) and TransIP Group (“TransIP”) merged into team.blue, one of the latest European tech companies to exceed a $1 billion valuation. Team.blue offers digital tools such as hosting, email and applications to over 1.2 million customers across Europe, with a base of over 600 employees working in expert teams.

In this team.blue group Hypernode is part of team.blue NL. A few of the other companies in this vertical are TransIP, CloudVPS, Signet, Proserve, Vimexx and Breedband.

Given that Hypernode is part of team.blue, we will collaborate with other team.blue companies on different projects.

You can find more information about team.blue on this website.