How to Configure Lesti::FPC

Lesti::FPC is a FPC Full Page Caching module you can use to speed up the frontend of your shop.

More information about the internals of the module can be found on the website of the developer of the module, Gordon Lesti.

A tutorial on how it works is available on the page How does Lesti::FPC work.

This module also works in combination with Redis.

This article will explain how to configure Lesti::FPC and use it on Hypernode. It is however recommended to first enable Redis Cache as your caching backend before proceeding with this tutorial.

NB: When you used the hypernode-importer and you were already using Lesti::FPC, you can skip this tutorial, as we already added the configuration for caching using Lesti::FPC.

Download Lesti::FPC

Go to your public folder:

cd /data/web/public

If the ~/public/.modman directory is not present, initialise modman to create the directory:

modman init

Use the following command to install the Lesti::FPC module on your shop:

modman clone git://

Move the Files to the Correct Folder

Go to the .modman/Lesti_Fpc/app/etc folder and copy the fpc.xml.sample to the app/etc directory and rename it to fpc.xml:

cd ~/public/.modman/Lesti_Fpc/app/etc && cp fpc.xml.sample /data/web/public/app/etc/fpc.xml

Edit Your fpc.xml File

Open the file and delete everything between the <fpc> and </fpc> tags.

In between the <fpc> and </fpc> tags, add the lifetime, backend and backend_options:


Enable FPC caching in your Magento backend.

Flush your cache after making these adjustments.

Warm Your Full Page Cache

To warm your full page cache, see the page about cache warming.