Emergency Support (outside office hours)

Are you experiencing a business-critical disruption on your web shop? You can access our Hypernode Emergency Support Service via hypernode-emergency.com in case you have an urgent problem with your web shop outside of office hours and are unable to contact your developer. The cost of this service depends on the SLA level.

During Office Hours

During office hours (from 9:00 AM – 6 PM CE(S)T) you can request Hypernode Emergency Support by email (support@hypernode.com) or telephone (+31 (0)20 521 6226).

If you send in a request during office hours, your request will be picked up by our Support Team free of charge. This also means the steps below do not apply.

Outside Office Hours

Step 1 Send a Request to the Hypernode Emergency Service Team

Via the online form on hypernode-emergency.com

Step 2 The Request is Sent to the On Duty Hero

  • As soon as you report the disruption via one of the designated channels, an alert is sent via PagerDuty to the HERO (Hypernode Emergency Request Operative) team.

  • One of our heroes will confirm receipt of the Hypernode Emergency Support request.

Step 3 Analysing/Solving the Disruption

  • The Hero will then take action to identify and resolve the problem.

  • If necessary, the Hero will contact you for more information. Hypernode expects you to be available and stay available from the moment you report the disruption.

  • We will periodically update you while working on the disruption, and present any solutions or workarounds for the disruption.

  • Solutions such as flushing cache or backup restores will always be the first route when possible. Extensive debugging will, when possible, take place during office hours the next business day. Solutions will always be implemented in consultation with you.

  • No rights can be derived from the solutions offered by Hypernode.

Step 4 Resolving the Emergency Support Request

  • Upon resolving the issue, the Hero will issue a debrief to the Support Department. If necessary, an analysis will be provided to you during office hours, to assist you/ your developer /partner to structurally solve the issue.

  • As soon as the request is solved, the Hero will confirm this.

Hypernode Emergency Service Costs

If you discover a disruption that causes downtime, you have the option to report this to Hypernode 24/7. Usage of Hypernode Emergency Service outside office hours has additional fees:

SLA Basic

SLA Standard

Costs per incident (max 1 hour)

€ 200,- (ex VAT) + half year contract SLA Standard

€ 100,- (ex VAT)

After one hour you pay an additional hourly fee

€ 200,- (ex VAT)

€ 100,- (ex VAT)

If it turns out the disruption is the result of a Hypernode outage, the above costs do not apply.