Incident Response Policy

Hypernode understands how important security is for its customers, and the applications they host on its platform. When it comes to security incidents, both on the platform and hosted application side, we believe in transparency and cooperation with our customers.

Anytime Hypernode receives a credible indication that a hosted application might be infected with malware, or has otherwise been compromised, the report is validated by our support. Afterwards, the report, along with any extra information that Hypernode acquired during the validation, is shared with the affected customer.

Depending on the type of infection, Hypernode support might be able to assist in cleaning up the malware. However, with any actual compromise we always advise our customers to work with a dedicated security agency that can assist in cleaning up malware infection. If needed, we have a list of partners that would be able to assist in this.


Reports can arrive at Hypernode through many different methods. Incidents might be received through our cloud or datacenter partner, or through our domain registrar. It is also possible that malware is detected on your Hypernode’s domain, and that we receive reports due to that. We also periodically scan Hypernodes for malware if we have indications from partners or other customers that a specific strain of malware is targeting specific applications.