Hipex ticket portal

With collaboration between Hypernode and Hipex we will move to one support team. To provide the best service and support we have to say goodbye to some tools like Hipex Zendesk ticket system. With saying goodbye to Zendesk we will say goodbye to support.hipex.io. This tool can’t be used anymore because we migrate the ticket system from Hipex to Hypernode. From now on we use Hypernodes ticket system to deliver the best support of both worlds. To open up a new customer portal is in the backlog but not on any planning yet. You’re more than welcome to send us a feature request via Hypernode Uservoice.

During office hours

Office hours are from 9:00 AM – 6 PM CE(S)T

How do I submit a Hipex support ticket?

Please use support@hipex.io for all your questions/problems. Always provide the following records in your ticket:

  • name of the server or your domain

  • your question

  • if you have a problem/issue please give us an extensive description and don’t forget to mention your IP adres.

Can I reach Hipex by phone?

Yes, you can during office hours you can call us at +31(0)85-888 77 54.

Outside office hours

It’s after business hours and I have an emergency, what should I do? An urgent matter is for example:

  • your shop is down

  • customers can’t place any orders

Step 1 Use your mail that is known in Pack and send us a ticket to spoed@hipex.io

Don’t forget to mention:

  • name of the server or your domain

  • an extensive description of your problem

Please know if you don’t use the correct mail adress, your ticket won’t be follow up as the system doesn’t recogonize.

Step 2 The Request is Sent to the On Duty Hero

As soon as you report the disruption via one of the designated channels, an alert is sent via PagerDuty to the HERO (Hypernode/Hipex Emergency Request Operative) team. One of our heroes will confirm receipt of the urgent ticket.

Step 3 Analysing/Solving the Disruption

The Hero will then take action to identify and resolve the problem. If necessary, the Hero will contact you for more information. Hypernode/Hipex expects you to be available and stay available from the moment you report the disruption. We will periodically update you while working on the disruption, and present any solutions or workarounds for the disruption. Solutions such as flushing cache or backup restores will always be the first route when possible. Extensive debugging will, when possible, take place during office hours the next business day. Solutions will always be implemented in consultation with you. No rights can be derived from the solutions offered by Hypernode/Hipex.

Step 4 Resolving the Emergency Support Request

Upon resolving the issue, the Hero will issue a debrief to the Support Department. If necessary, an analysis will be provided to you during office hours, to assist you/ your developer /partner to structurally solve the issue. As soon as the request is solved, the Hero will confirm this.

Hipex knowledge base

Till further notice Hipex knowledge base will exist. Eventually we will integrate both Hypernode and Hipex knowledge base together.